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In Media Monkey Gold, you get the best features Our software library contains a free download that can be run on any computer. It has a powerful music manager, built-in multimedia disc player, and is for serious music collectors who want to keep their music collections on disc. The software lets you organize your audio files, including OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3. Use our automated music library manager to help you find and organize your music library by searching for missing covers and tracking down the information through Freedb and the web, as well as an intelligent tag editor and an automatic file renamer to organize your music collection.

In addition to supporting hundreds of Winamp add-ons and visualizations, your player is designed to automatically adjust volume levels so you do not have to constantly control the volume. Additionally, you can set Winamp to be your default player if you choose. With MediaMonkey Gold, you are equipped with a CD ripper, CD / DVD burner, and an audio converter. These are all tools for storing music, as well as a playlist editor which can be used for making music mixes. As well as our sync features, we also offer the ability to sync portable audio devices such as the iPod and various portable devices that allow you to synchronize tracks and playlists.

Features of MediaMonkey Gold Free Download Full

  • This powerful, user-friendly application allows you to organize your music collection and notate tags within your audio library.
  • Search and tag Album Art automatically; other information will be applied as well.
  • Browse and organize your music collection without feeling weighed down by managing fifty thousand files at once.
  • Using this app, one doesn’t have to worry about varying volume when playing MP3s or other audio formats.
  • CD’s can be recorded into the following formats: OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA.
  • This is an audio conversion tool that will turn MP3s, OGG, FLAC, and WMA files into formats that you can work with.
  • Create music playlists for parties and celebrations and put together your own mixes with ease and speed.
  • You will be able to sync your iPod with the MP3 player. If you need to convert tracks on the fly, you can do so with ease.
mediamonkey gold free download portable 1
mediamonkey gold free download portable 1

There are a number of features that MediaMonkey Gold has to offer:

  • You can search through your collection of tracks to find what you are looking for by using the advanced search functionality. This can find every track you are looking for according to almost any criteria you can think of. If you search by composer, year, beats per minute; if you find lyrics, then you will stop tearing out your hair trying to find music you have heard before.
  • Using the filters inside your library, you can display only Artists or Albums that correspond with your settings, so you can customize your library to your liking. By setting a filter, you can, for example, limit the Artists who appear in the tree only if they have albums that have recently been released and they are not in the genre Children.
  • If you wish to code unlimited MP3 files without manually installing new encoders, then you can simply upgrade to MediaMonkey Gold 5. MediaMonkey Gold 5 comes with the free LAME MP3 encoder. You can manually replace it with the free LAME encoder, but you’ll have to do that manually.
  • Keep a database of all your physical CD’s and use the Virtual CD feature to view which tracks are being copied from them to your hard drive. At the same time keep track of what CD’s you own. This is done by using the virtual CD function, which instead of keeping track of your CDs and tracks separately, shows you an integrated view of everything.
  • A Virtual CD ensures that you are able to import and save audio tracks from Audio CDs and MP3 CDs with unprecedented features you can experience no where else. It lets you sample tracks from hundreds of sources, select which ones to import, and then import and save the files instantly.
  • If you want to determine which audio files to add to your collection, generate Previews. These are short samples of audio files, which you can refer to when making your selection.
  • If you prefer to listen to music while you sleep, use a Sleep Timer to play your favorite tunes, gradually fade them over the course of a set period of time, and finally turn off your computer before you go to sleep.
  • It is recommended that you burn CDs at the highest speed possible, depending on your hardware.

All MediaMonkey Gold Features:

  • Managing the audio / music for the web site.
  • The player supports MP3, OGG, WMA and other audio formats.
  • You can use Equalizer and DSP effects, as well as Volume Level and other features.
  • You can also use the party mode and auto-djing features.
  • This is a CD ripper that enables you to encode MP3, OGG, WMA, or FLAC music files.
  • A professional audio converter application.
  • A software that allows you to automatically rename and organize files.
  • A software that allows you to auto-rename files and automatically look up album artwork.
  • You can also check whether you have duplicate tracks, and if not, what their tags are.
  • There is an automatic music mix function in the playlist manager.
  • It generates statistics and reports concerning the music mix.
  • The scripts can be modified according to the user’s preference.
  • It can sync MP3 players with iPods as well as MP3 players with MP3 players.
  • A large three-inch LCD display and an integrated CD/DVD burner (audio & data) (can be burned at up to 48x).
  • An automatic update feature notifies you whenever new content is added.
  • Users can also set up auto-playlists and perform advanced searches.
  • Syncs your portable devices with on-the-fly format conversions so you can stay productive on the go.
  • Capable of encoding an unlimited number of MP3 files.
  • This software also allows you to preview the file.
  • There are also advanced filters integrated into the software.
  • It is equipped with a sleep timer, for example.
mediamonkey gold free download port
mediamonkey gold free download port

What’s New in MediaMonkey 5:

  • We provide video support through our website. A powerful application that builds upon the functionality of MediaMonkey Portable to extend its capabilities to Video (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.). In the same way that it can handle audio, it can handle video files as well, including syncing, tagging, and organising them as well.
  • These are collections. With Multi-Collection Management in MediaMonkey 5, it has never been easier to manage numerous collections with one single UI. Whether they are collections of classical music, movies, music videos or other types of collections, everybody has a collection someway. A single MediaMonkey UI provides your with easy access to all of these or an an easily customizable interface where you can manage them. A similar functionality of this nature was provided by application version 3 by using the rudimentary ‘Filter’ functionality.
  • Divulgation. You can share collections through MediaMonkey Gold 5 via UPnP/DLNA, which will allow your XBox, PlayStation 3, and DLNA-capable television to play your music and videos. In a similar way, MediaMonkey can now play content stored on UPnP devices to which the server might have access. Additionally, the download manager included with the program allows you to quickly download files from other websites.
  • You will be able to sync your files automatically. This new version of MediaMonkey supports a variety of devices, so that the process of transferring media to them is as easy as connecting one device to another. As an extension of Device Profiles, MediaMonkey automatically configures MediaMonkey sync settings that are optimized for the device and, as a result, further enhances the sync experience. In addition to the above, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Android, PCs, and tablets are supported as well.
  • An entirely new audio system has been installed. The Windows Audio Session API now offers a higher quality / lower latency audio experience for MediaMonkey 5.
  • Portable mode now lets you take MediaMonkey anywhere. The new version of MediaMonkey 5 can run from a USB drive through your Windows PC’s USB port, which means that the program, along with your music collection, can be easily transferred.
  • The upgrade also supports secure ripping of CDs and DVDs. In addition to secure ripping, MediaMonkey 5 adds a conditional braking feature that ensures CDs are copied with a high degree of accuracy by slowing down the discs rotational speed if anything goes wrong during the processing. A comparison of the final product is performed against a database supplied by AccurateRip in order to ascertain the integrity of the output.
  • This process is now more convenient than ever before. Hence, MediaMonkey 5 does not only add a whole bunch of usability improvements to the program, but also makes it more accessible than ever before. In addition, the list may include the following: a new installation wizard, an automated download of languages and codecs, a tabbed interface, a contextual toolbar, file monitoring integrated, and more.
  • Many bugs have been fixed. As part of MediaMonkey 5, hundreds of new bug fixes have been applied, including fixing a recent problem that affected MediaMonkey 3.x users regarding the automatic tagging of Amazon MP3 files.

Release Info

  • Title: MediaMonkey Gold v5.0.2.2531 Final
  • Developer: Home Page
  • License: Shareware
  • Language: Multilingual
  • OS: Windows

Download MediaMonkey Gold Full for PC

mediamonkey gold free download portab
mediamonkey gold free download portab

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