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If you would like to download Foxit PhantomPDF Business 11 for free, you are invited to do so from our software library. This toolkit provides a convenient way for creating business-ready PDF documents, including forms and assurances. It can be used for tasks such as creating documents for personal use, implementing workgroup collaboration, designing forms for corporate use, finalizing agreements, applying digital signatures or storing digital files.

The PhantomPDF Business 11 program makes Foxit PhantomPDF an excellent choice when it comes to businesses. As an enhancement to the PhantomPDF standard, it is security that offers secure storage of important corporate documents and files in line with corporate governance and regulatory compliance, and ensures that the documents cannot be changed after approval. With the Active Directory Rights Management Service on Microsoft Windows Server, you can extend the benefit of usage control to all of your PDF documents. This allows authors to express their own preferences for document characteristics within individual PDFs and grant certain permissions to actions after certification.

Features of Foxit PhantomPDF Business 11

You can edit the text by clicking on it

In a paragraph, you can choose to type and edit text without worrying about how it will look. As you edit text, it will be automatically reflowed. You should also spell-check the document after your edited version has been saved.

It is possible to edit text with an advanced text editor

PDF documents with more complicated layouts can be edited with more advanced features. Text blocks can be joined, merged, or split to form more efficient and powerful editing connectivity. The layout of a text box can be changed by moving or resizing text blocks in order to create a compelling layout.

Editing advanced objects (Advanced Object Editing)

Object shading, editing images, and editing objects is a simple process. The only thing to remember is that text must be changed to shape. Using a” Dot” editor, the user can change the layout properties of the page, add shading to objects, convert text to a path, merge and split text, and edit .ai files.

Changing the format of the text and making it more readable

Changing the type, style, size, color, and effect of a PDF file allows you to edit the fonts within the document. You can choose to align text left, center, or right, and select a line spacing from a variety of different settings.

Improve the quality of your documents by making them more professional

To aid in creating professional looking documents, we offer stamps, watermarks, headers, footers, and backgrounds, in order to customize how your PDF looks.

Use images, objects, and videos as part of your presentation

Make your PDF more interactive by incorporating images or videos into your document. The images and videos should be aligned on the left, middle or the center of the page. It is recommended that the objects be distributed vertically or horizontally. Rotate, flip, or shear the objects to ensure the best distribution.

Create a PDF standard that complies with industry standards

The PDF creator makes it possible to create PDFs from hundreds of the most common file types. The PDF converter is 100% compatible with other PDF products. When you are distributing or archiving a file, take the time to reduce the file size in order to save both time and space.

The best way to convert PDF to Word and other formats would be to export it to Word

By exporting PDF documents to documents such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, RTF, HTML, XML, and text, you can easily share your PDF files.

foxit phantompdf
foxit phantompdf

Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Visio can be used to create PDF documents

The integrated, fully functional add-ins for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Visio will allow you to create PDF documents online.

Generate PDF documents from an Excel spreadsheet

Use Form Designer Assistant to easily create PDF forms quickly and easily and automatically recognize field data entry fields. Forms created with an eye for professional appearance include push and radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, and list boxes, as well as fields for signatures and text.

Please refer to the PDF portfolios for more information

A PDF portfolio can be viewed, printed, created, edited, and searched for text within the documents.

In order to comply with PDF/A, E, and X standards,

Creating and validating PDF files in compliance with print industry practices for archiving and engineering applications.

I am looking forward to sharing my review with you

The Shared Review process can be initiated through a public cloud (Foxit Cloud), a network folder, a SharePoint workspace, or via email to include PhantomPDF, Foxit Reader, and MobilePDF users.

You can use the following tools to comment:

The use of annotations and text markup tools allows for providing feedback to documents.

Management of comments is a critical part of running a business

The ability to see all the comments in a document in an easy to read summary can make reading such documents so much easier. You can import, export, and email comments in a FDF file format within the document.

Integration of SharePoint® with Microsoft Office

Integrate with the SharePoint server and be able to check in and out PDF files seamlessly.

Integrating DocuSign with the Document Management System

The industry’s most widely used electronic signature solution enables you to send, sign, save and share PDF documents.

Integration of Evernote® into the Evernote® program

You can attach a PDF file to an Evernote note and create it as an attachment.

You can manage the pages of PDF documents using this tool

With this software, you can delete pages, add pages, swap, flatten, crop, and extract pages from a PDF document.

A PDF can be created from an existing PDF by using the following instructions:

A page can be added, deleted, or combined from multiple PDF files to create a new document using this function.

You can compare PDF documents using this tool

In order to assist you in identifying what has changed quickly and easily between two PDF files, we use color to highlight the differences between the two.

You can search for PDFs based on their contents

It brings search and indexing capability to Windows desktop search and allows users to perform PDF searches based on the content, title, subject, author, keywords, annotations, bookmarks, attachments, and much more.

There is a numbering system called the “Bates Numbering”

During the scanning or processing of documents, place the appropriate identification on the document.

It is very important to reorganize the PDF documents that you have

It provides easy management of single pages as well as attachments by allowing you to drag and drop image thumbnails within a document to organize them, or where you can drag and drop attachments between documents.

You can convert your documents into PDF files by scanning them

We can all benefit from increasing workflow efficiency by converting paper contracts, agreements, and other documents to electronic PDF files – scanning and converting in one step is extremely simple.

OCR is the process of recognizing characters by the use of optical signals

Using OCR for converting scanned content into readable and searchable text will enable the end user to select, search, and edit the content.

Editing scanned documents with Microsoft Word

If you have scanned documents and want to edit the text from them, you can use OCR for editing, which is especially useful when you only have hardcopies of the documents.

To correct suspect OCR results, please click here

To enable effective PDF searching, you must identify and correct incorrect OCR results before you can use them to index in the Google Search Engine.

The scanning of pages that already exist in a PDF

With the inclusion of scanned documents directly into your PDF document, you can streamline your workflow dramatically.

Using the PDF Sign feature, you can sign documents with your finger

You should sign all documents by handwriting your name on them. Multiple signatures can be created, managed, placed, applied, and password protected so that PDF documents can be signed seamlessly.

foxit phantompdf business
foxit phantompdf business


This application (redaction) permanently removes (redacts) any text and images that may contain sensitive information from PDF documents.

Software Rights Management by Microsoft®

It enables administrators and authors to control rights management for PDF documents and extends AD RMS usage control benefits to PDF files. Encryption as well as decryption functions are provided.

This article explains how to encrypt your documents

Encrypting a document using a password or certificate and limiting what actions can be done on the document to protect confidential information is one of the best methods of protecting data.

A digital signature can be added and verified in two ways

Digital signatures and timestamps can be applied to documents and the Adobe Reader can help determine whether a digital signature has been modified since it was applied since the time the digital signature was applied.

Having a clear understanding of how to sanitize your documents

Protects your document from sensitive information before publishing; data such as metadata, comments, layers, overlapping objects, hidden data, and hidden data from previous saves.

foxit phantompdf business
foxit phantompdf business

Release Info

  • Title: Foxit PhantomPDF Business 11.3
  • Developer: Foxit Software
  • License: Shareware
  • Language: Multilingual
  • OS: Windows

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