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This version of Davinci Resolve 12 from BlackMagic Design was developed with the aim of providing you with a powerful and full-featured piece of software that provides you with an extensive toolbox and a suitable environment for video editing and color correction tasks.

Features of Davinci Resolve 12 Free

The interface looks clean and modern with a modern feel to it

  • After your mobile app has been installed, you will find that it is accompanied by a black UI with a variety of buttons allowing you quick access to its diverse features. Having said that, the interface for the overall process is separated into a few modules. And these are: the modules for loading media, editing, color correction, and for the final delivery.
  • While it is true that the system has an enormous number of features, the overall aesthetics are likely to totally mislead you. Although the interface of the app is very light, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the features of the app can be reached through its menu bar since the main window is so large.
davinci resolve 12.6
davinci resolve 12.6

This program comes bundled with a wide range of features and a comprehensive menu system

  • You can find yet another example of DaVinci Resolve’s powerful integration when you right-click any media file you loaded into the program. The menus themselves are almost always larger than the main window of the app, as are the contextual menus and the actual menus themselves.
  • This is specifically so that the user can quickly figure out that DaVinci Resolve actively covers nearly every aspect of the post-production process. Aside from that, ColorStorm Pro has the capability to be considered actually a specialized all-in-one solution for both editors and colorists alike. As a result, you are able to create complex looks by using layers, nodes, effects, fades, mixers, key strokes and even plug-ins.

The main features of this application are its video editing, color correction, and collaborative sharing functionality

  • In addition to the fact that the utility packs a powerful Color Match feature, which allows you to set the source and target gamma, as well as the targeting color space, it is also worth mentioning that it provides the option to set your preferred color space. Among the many functions supported by the program, there are image stabilization, 3D tracking, reframing, RGB blending and HSL curve grading, among others.
  • Featuring a multi-layer and mixed format Timeline feature that allows for simultaneous editing as well as colorization of the same file, the app allows for seamless collaboration between both an editor and colorist. While you can still edit and mix audio files, you can also create complex video transitions as part of your editing and mixing workflow.
davinci resolve
davinci resolve

An application for post-editing videos and movies that is powerful and flexible at the same time

  • In retrospect, DaVinci Resolve is a powerful software solution that provides operators and those working in the various fields of cinematography with everything they need to take their work to a whole new level. There are plenty of options and applications that appear to be capable of storing all sorts of files. Although they may not be the most impressive features, the most impressive thing about this app is in how it combines all that with other handy management tools without appearing out of place.

Release Info

  • Title: BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve v12.6
  • Developer: Blackmagic Design
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows

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