CPAC Imaging Pro 5 Full Download

In CPAC Imaging Pro 5, everything is simple and straight forward A software that is used to retouch, edit, and recompile images is known as an image editor. With the help of this tool you can play around with different languages and switch from one into another or manipulate your data by creating new documents.

In my opinion, using this tool in your arsenal, you are able to take professional portraits immediately, without having to do any hard work. It’s impressive to see how fast you can produce fantastic results using this tool.

cpac imaging pro full download
cpac imaging pro full download

Features of CPAC Imaging Pro Download

There are many different tools available, among them are:

  • Using the snapshot warping tool, you can create different facial expressions by changing an open mouth to a closed mouth, a narrower chin to a wider mouth, or a wider eye patch to a narrower eye patch. Add a smile even if it’s only a small one.
  • With portrait colorization, every gray area is given a color tone, thus being able to transform any B&W photo into a much more pleasing image.
  • The process of adjusting skin color to lighten and tone the complexion, add a healthy suntan, and lighten how dark or shadowed areas of the face and body look.
  • The function of skin texture editing is to eliminate blemishes automatically by removing freckles, moles, acnes, birthmarks, as well as the deep wrinkles around the eyes, and even fight wrinkles caused by excessive water retention.
  • With this brush tool, you can edit selected areas without changing the texture of the skin.
  • In addition, you can change clothing, the background, and the scenery, as well as apply a soft filter, sepia tone, and resize images.

Release Info

  • Title: CPAC Imaging Pro 5
  • Developer: CPACImaging
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: Multilingual
  • OS: Windows XP Only
cpac imaging pro
cpac imaging pro

Download CPAC Imaging Pro Free for PC

CPAC Imaging Pro 5 | File Size: 216 MB

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