Avast Internet Security 2016 11.1.2241 Free Download

With avast Internet Security 2016, you’ll receive complete virus protection, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and firewall functionality, all made even better by the addition of brand-new avast! Security features! A SafeZone is one of Avast’s newest features! Security features. You will be able to access a secure virtual desktop, invisible to anyone who attempts to invadesion of your privacy. You can do your online shopping and banking securely through this desktop.

Download Avast! Today! SafeZone creates a new (clean) desktop so your other applications won’t be affected and can be closed without leaving any trace. You can download the Avast! Prevention program here. We are proud to provide our award-winning, certified antivirus engine and shields to prevent and detect even previously unknown threats online – so you can chat and browse the web without fear when you are on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites. Avast! Antivirus is your ultimate online security software. Keeping your data in the place it belongs on your PC, a firewall protects it from hackers and other unauthorized attempts to gain access to it.

avast internet security 2016 11.1.2241
avast internet security 2016 11.1.2241


  • Antivirus engine: blocks viruses and spyware from entering your computer.
  • Cloud: The system gives a warning when a file’s reputation is questionable.
  • Cloud: Real-time updates are streamed right from the cloud.
  • Remote: Allows you to access the help of a geek friend from a distance.
  • SafeZone: Enables you to do your shopping and banking in a secure environment.
  • Sandbox: Let you browse the web virtually using this application.
  • Sandbox: Allows users to run risky programs in a virtual environment.
avast internet security 2016 11.1.2241 + licenc
avast internet security 2016 11.1.2241 + licenc

What’s fresh in Avast Internet Security 2016?

It has been improved with added features, such as: Managing your passwords, as well as creating secure passwords. Only need to remember one password.

  • Verifies the security of your password by performing a number of checks
  • Encrypts your passwords securely and allows you to change them at anytime
  • Easy login and filling in forms can be accomplished through the use of browser extensions
  • This program creates strong passwords for you based on your preferences

Got a new browser – SafeZone

Provides better shopping and banking security with its replacement of the SafeZone

– Basically, Pay Mode: is the feature that runs automatically on banks’ websites (which isolates the session, and keeps it safe from hackers and other malicious software that may be lurking on your machine). With Pay Mode, you are able to carry out all your financial transactions with peace of mind. This is because you are not worried about your password or other personal information that can be stolen. The feature can be disabled within the browser, but it is incredibly useful in addition to live ActiveX for the web browser.)

Scan HTTPS with the original certificate intact while maintaining the HTTPS data

The possibility of adding some extensions, such as Ad Blockers and Video Downloaders (potentially useful, since SafeZone does not allow add-ons due to security concerns).

* a new user interface that offers more content space and is easy to maneuver

* It is now possible to report bugs, feature requests and submit suggestions directly through the program this makes reporting bugs and feature requests easier

* The Home Network Security program offers more protection for routers and now provides a detailed description of the vulnerabilities found

* Installer – should now be faster and less intrusive as it should be better installed now.

* In addition to these, there are also a number of minor tweaks and bug fixes

How To Activate

1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

  • Title Release: avast! Internet Security 11.1.2241
  • Developer: Home Page
  • License: ShareWare
  • Language: English
  • Size: 222.5 MB
  • OS: Windows



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