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aSc Timetables 2024 An active timetable organizer is one of the items in the latest Microsoft Office Suite. It has been specially designed to help you design professional school timetables that you can customize in terms of subjects, classes, classrooms, teachers, and lessons.

Features of aSc Timetables 2024 Download

A simple example of data entry is the following:

• This is a simple and clear system, which makes entering all subjects, classes, classrooms, teachers, and their contracts very easy. Furthermore, the application denotifies all kinds of divisions of classes depending on their usage. The flexibility of more classes taking part in one lesson or having more teachers participated in one lesson is a real possibility.

• In order for the program to function properly, it contains a tutorial which is very important. You will learn from Mr. Schoolover how to enter data, generate, verify, and print timetables using Mr. Schoolover’s timetables program.

asc timetables 2018 final
asc timetables 2018 final

The following information is automatically generated by the software:

As soon as you input all your requirements into the system, a complete, customized timetable is generated within a few minutes. In terms of psychological hygiene and organizational requirements, the program follows all the following guidelines:

• It would be preferable if mistakes concerning teachers’ schedules were minimized, the maximum number of mistakes concerning teachers’ schedules be limited, and the number of days each teacher had to teach be restricted.

• It is most important to be able to distribute classes in every subject at the beginning of the week equally.

• The correct succession of both the entire class and the divided class has been verified.

• Making sure that lessons are placed within classrooms that are allowed to do so.

In order to verify the timetable, the following steps are necessary:

• Using this program, you will be able to check out your data and replace errors in standard entry with an easy-to-use program. In addition, the created timetable is automatically evaluated to see to which extent it fulfills all of the requirements. You have the ability to make changes to the timetable, and if any changes are illegal, the program will issue a notification.

Please read the complete text of the document:

• In addition to printing your schedule, you can also download it. It automatically creates a schedule for every classroom, teacher, and class, so you do not have to do any manual work. In summary, it creates a schedule under which all classes, teachers and classrooms within the school are listed together. When you print it out, it eases the process of assigning substitute teachers when they make an appearance. As part of each summary timetable, you have the option to indicate which classes, teachers, or classrooms you wish to be shown.

• You can also export the timeline to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or save it as an HTML file in order to publish it on your school’s website.

Control in a simple and intuitive way:

• If you want to make changes to the timetable with your mouse, you can drag classes around. It’s a program that prevents you from introducing illegal changes in your schedule, and also enables you to see when the teachers have free time left in their schedules. You can undo the last 100 actions that you executed by using Redo and Undo buttons if you are not satisfied with the changes you have made.

• If you would like to activate the commands using the right mouse button or to display a list of lessons for the chosen position, then click on the right mouse button.

asc timetables
asc timetables

This is a list of substitutions that can be made for the aSc:

• It’s a program called Sc Substitutions, and it’s specifically designed to help you solve the problem of substitute teachers in a day-to-day basis. Reports can be generated on a monthly and annual basis to let the user know who is missing and who has stepped in to fill in. It also calculates how much overtime each teacher has worked.

• If you look at the picture above, you will see that this program is extremely easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, you will master it within a short time. We also like the simplicity and ease of use of the interface.

• As part of your school’s substitution policies, you are also able to manage them online. You can check out Web Substitutions for more information.

Release Info

  • Title: aSc Timetables 12.1
  • Developer: aSc Applied Software
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: Multilingual
  • OS: Windows

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